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hello there typical college lad

So in 10 days I will be living in the College realm.

typical situation, i know millions of people go through with it every year

but i still feel pretty intimidated

because the people i know onhand don't really live near me, and no i don't think share any classes


it's like one of those changes that you know is gonna be good for you, but it would help if it was a little more subtle or drawn out, instead it is suppose to happen overnight, which is scary!

because i am really not too hot at connecting with strangers. so here's hoping the people near me the majority of the time are people i will enjoy immensely

also i'm not to sure how i feel about small spaces with potential friend/enemies when i am pretty filthy with a big space by myself

i do hope my roommate is a good guy. a little geeky, but has good taste, and a social life that doesn't revolve around booze and frat life.

ahhh i think the rest of my pals are worried about the money and costs, and here i am worrying about how often i'll see them because the summer is almost over, and i think we hung out a grand total of less than 10 seperate occasions

they were all probably busy working, as is the summer custom

how emo was that, anyway i'm finished so you can take it anyway you want/make fun how you want, i put it up for feedback
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